Title: “…A toast to God…”
There I “was at the end of my rope.”TM No one paid any attention to me. No one helped me, and I couldn’t help myself! So I cried out, “Please, God, save my life!”TM Guess what happened? You got it! “He saved me.”TM I knew He would all along! I knew I could depend on Him. When he saved me, “I said to myself, ‘relax and rest. Eye you have been rescued from tears; and you, foot, were kept from stumbling.’”TM God is always ready to hear us when we admit how badly we need him and call out for help. Not like humans! “I’ve given up on the human race, saying, they’re all liars and cheats.”TM But, God is just the opposite! He can always be counted on!
Hey! Everyone, “a toast to God……”TM Let us all “lift high the cup of salvation.”TM Lift it up and tell God how great He is! Because not only does he rescue us here and now – Get this: when we “arrive at the gates of death, God welcomes those who love Him.”TM So, everybody join in! Lift up the cup of salvation ….”a toast to God!”
He can always be depended on! Return that attitude! Lift up your cup and say, “I’ll complete what I promised God I’d do, and I’ll do it together with His people.”TM
Another title might be, “What to do while hanging at the end of your rope.”