Title: A cry against materialism!
Sometimes things get in our way of true worship of God. By the way we live and accumulate we show what is most important to us at any given time in life. Sometimes it’s things. You’ve seen the bumper sticker, “the one who dies with the most toys wins!” This psalmist reminds us that God “who made heaven and earth”TM and of course everything else is what we should worship. Anything else is idolatry. The psalmist describes the “idols” of his day, and explains why we shouldn’t worship things:
They are “…metal and wood, hand made in a basement shop.”TM
They have “carved mouths that cannot talk”TM
They have “painted eyes that cannot see.”TM
They have “tin ears that cannot hear.”TM
They have “molded noses that can’t smell.”TM
They have “hands that can’t grasp.”TM
They have “feet that cannot walk or run.”TM
They have “throats that never utter a sound.”TM
“Those who make them become just like them.”TM
But the true God “who made heaven & earth,”TM gave us dominion over “things”. All things on earth are to serve us! We are not to serve them! “He put us in charge of the earth.”TM We are greater than anything in or on earth, having been created in God’s image, we should worship God alone!
“Dear Lord, thank you for showing us that we become more like the object of our worship. Teach me to worship you more so I will become more like you.”JT Yes, let us worship Jesus so we will become like Him.