“Oh, how happy You…… have made me….. Ohhhh How haaaappppy You have maaaade me!” Happy is the man or woman who “cherishes and relishes” the Bible!TM They have “happy homes.”TM Their homes “brim with wealth.”TM “God’s grace is there. God’s mercy is there. God’s justice is there.”TM They enjoy a “sterling and lasting reputation.”TM They are “unfazed by rumor or gossip.”TM They are “heart ready!”TM They are trusting in God.”TM They are “spirit firm, unperturbed.”TM They are “ever blessed.”TM They are “relaxed among enemies.”TM
They enjoy an “honored life.”TM “Their good deeds will never be forgotten and they will have influence and honor.”TM
It’s not the case for those who couldn’t care less about the Bible. They will see the success and happiness of those that love God and be angry about it. “There is nothing to the dreams of the wicked…nothing!”TM I like the way the Contemporary English Version says it, “They will never get what they want.” CEV VS 10
“Dear Lord, I really must confess that I do not greatly delight in your word. Forgive me Lord Jesus. I want to – and I want to obey it. Please break me….. bring me to the place where all my strength can only come from you.” JT
“Oh, how happy You…… will make me….. Ohhhh How haaaappppy You will maaaake me!”