Hey, this writer really thinks we should praise God!!! He thinks God should occupy us…. He says, “God’s works are so great, worth a lifetime of study – endless enjoyment.” TM
Reminds me of Anselm’s (or was it Aquinas?) who said all disciplines of the mind are nothing more than man’s attempt to “think God’s thoughts after Him.” Whether you are studying biology, astronomy, genetics, math, English, His “works are so great, worth a lifetime of study – endless enjoyment.”TM Or, you can turn from the general revelation of God to us through nature and look at His very special revelation of Himself to us in the Person of Christ, as recorded in Scripture. We can really agree, “God’s works are so great.. worth a lifetime of study – endless enjoyment.” TM (Shame on those who think Bible study is boring!)
These are the words He uses to describe God:
Faithful or true…

These are the things He says God does:
He gives food to the faithful
He always remembers to keep His promises
He proves to us that He can do what He promises
He manufactures truth and justice (they come from Him)

As for His products the psalmist says, “All His products are guaranteed to last,” TM unconditionally! They are “never out of date.”TM They are “never obsolete.”TM They are “rust proof.”TM
This psalmist is probably from Nebraska… He says, “the good life begins in the fear of God – do that (live in Nebraska) and you’ll know the blessing of God.”TM (the “live in Nebraska” phrase isn’t actually in the text… but it could be…. Don’t you think?)
Hey! Wherever you are, live the good life by worshipping God – then you’ll know His blessings.