David was well known for not retaliating against his enemies. Remember how he let Saul remain king even though Samuel, God’s man, had crowned David. For seven years, David refused to retaliate against this enemy. How could he do that?
Because he entrusted “vengeance” to God. He poured out all his anger, all his frustration, all his hatred of his enemies to God and trusted God to take care of them. This psalm shows how David dumped it all out. Wow, with this kind of prayer, you can understand how he got it all out.
David asks God to take care of his enemies…
“…give them to Satan….” TM
“…don’t listen to their prayers…” TM
“…give him a short life….”TM
“…give his job to someone else…” TM
“…make orphans of his children…”TM
“…make his wife a widow…”TM
“… may the bank foreclose and wipe him out…”TM
“…let no one help him…” TM
“…let blessings flee far from him….” TM
“…give him a gift… a costume of curses…” TM
“…he can wear curses everyday of the week…”TM
“…that’s what they’ll get… those who are out to get me – an avalanche of just desserts from God.” TM
That’s really strong language, wouldn’t you say? He closes things off with this idea, “let them curse all they want; you do the blessing. Let them be jeered by the crowd when they stand up, followed by cheers for me.” TM
God answered David’s prayer here. Because he left vengeance in God’s hands. It’s OK to pour your heart out to God and say all the things that you are feeling. But let God take care of things. HE WILL!!!