Oh no, comet Hale-Bop is wreaking havoc….. Evil is showing up everywhere! Mass suicides, cult activities, satanic forces having
victory….. I’m so afraid! Not! “Ha”, the psalmist says. “Wake up”TM “I’m ready God!, so ready! Ready from head to foot to sing”TM because you have already won the victory. Hale-bop doesn’t scare me, nor does Jim Jones or Applewhite! They have no effect on me. The psalmist continues, “I’m already thanking you Lord, out in the streets, singing your praises in town and country.”TM You have already given me the victory over all my enemies. I’m not afraid! “I mop the floor…”TM with comet hale-bop fear! I “spit on” TM Satan’s attempt to discourage and distract me. “Take me to the thick of the fight.”TM I’m ready for war! Like Rocky to Apollo Cree… “You ain’t so bad….. you ain’t so bad….” Or like Dirty Harry, “C’mon make my day….” Why am I not afraid? Because I have a God far greater than anything that Satan or man can even conceive of…. and “in God we’ll do our best: He’ll flatten the opposition for good.”TM
Afraid…. ha!! Nothing can scare us… not death… not famine… not hardship… not suffering… nothing!!!! Hallelujah!