Our worship should be filled with joy and enthusiasm because our hearts overflow with thankfulness. “Tell everyone you meet what he has done!”TM It’s too much to ask to be silent. We must “sing him songs, belt out hymns, translate his wonders into music!”TM There’s no other way to praise Him!
God, you see, wants us to “live a happy life!”TM Remember how he blessed Israel? He protected Abraham and his sons during their wanderings in Canaan. He watched out for them through their 400 years as slaves in Egypt. He brought them through it all and gave them the land flowing with milk and honey. The same promise is ours! “Namely, ‘I give you the land.’”TM Living in the middle of God’s will is living in the land of milk and honey. It’s a happy life.
We may sometimes not want to leave Egypt but “remember this! He led his people out singing for joy; his chosen people marched, singing their hearts out!”TM
Let’s follow God’s plan for our lives as laid out in His word, “singing our hearts out” as we go!