Paul instructs Titus that in order to make disciples one must be committed to God’s mastery. We must acknowledge that God is Lord of our lives and that His mission for our lives is crucial for living a meaningful, successful life. He then makes a connection between God’ mastery, God’s Mission, and God’s message. It’s the revealed Word of God that must be the primary focus of anyone who intends to lead others into spiritual truth.

I have known many preachers, chaplains, and pastors who were trained psychologists or sociologists but have no true in-depth training in God’s Word. They have numerous principles to suggest to their “disciples.” They have procedures to follow for gaining victory over addictions and problems. Their sermons and teachings are based on the popular issues of the day, but void of biblical truth. Many, working in association with Psychiatrists, prescribe drugs to help deal with life’s difficulties. I’m not suggesting there is no place for such things. There certainly is! But if that treatment is devoid of the truth of God’s Word, it will play out empty and meaningless in the end. There are many Christian counselors, psychologists and even Psychiatrists who not only offer treatment for the difficulties associated with our modern society, but also spiritual insight from God’s word that can bring lasting life change in the present as well as eternal life in the future. A true and total commitment to God’s Message as revealed to us in Scripture is essential for any true spiritual leader. The true “balm of Gilead” that is the only medicine “that heals the wounded soul” is found solely between the pages of the God’s Holy Word.

If the Scriptures are not the central theme for our ministries, whether we are full time pastors or small group leaders, or believers working and living in the world, we are offering nothing of truly lasting value to those we attempt to reach. The central theme of God’s Message is Jesus Christ and His work on the cross on our behalf as recorded in the Scriptures from beginning to end. If we’re not doing what Paul did (preach Christ only, and Christ crucified) we are only making disciples for ourselves, not for God. Later in this book we’ll meet the “party of the circumcision.” They took the focus off of God’s message and put it on their traditional practices. Paul told the Galatians they are only seeking to make you “their disciples” not disciples of Jesus Christ (See Galatians 6:13).

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness…” 2 Timothy 3:16