Chapter 12 of Joshua lists the victories of Moses on the East side of the Jordan River and then the victories of Joshua on the West side of the Jordan River. The list of Joshua’s victories includes 31 kings and kingdoms. It’s pretty impressive. The interesting thing about Joshua is that he never retreated. He always pressed forward in battle. He was always on the offensive. I’ve often heard it said that the best defense is a good offense. The Sword of the Spirit, i.e., the Word of God, is the only offensive weapon provided believers with which we do battle with our arch-enemy, Satan. Our culture is filled with counterfeits of the faith. Many offers are made to us daily to exchange God’s truth for some culturally relevant or popular idea. It is said that the best way to recognize counterfeit money is to get to know the real stuff so well that you see what’s wrong with the fake money immediately.

There is no attack that we’re not equipped to handle. I like the way Robert Morgan says it; “Even in our modern age of technology, we’ll never face any temptation that isn’t addressed in the Bible. There are verses for every challenge we’ll ever face, and we need to find and memorize the verses we’re apt to need along the way.” Not only does God’s word deal with every temptation, but also it deals with every trial, hurt, pain, or struggle anyone will every face. God’s word is all sufficient for our lives. But we need to train ourselves with God’s Word. We need to practice swinging God’s Words at our enemies.

There is one other issue that should be addressed when we think about the “whole” armor of God addressed in Ephesians chapter six. There is no provision for protection for one’s back. It protects only the one who faces the enemy. If we fail to “stand” and face our enemy we expose unprotected parts. If we retreat and give ground rather than resist, we open ourselves to attack. Joshua never retreated in his charge of taking the land. God has charged us with taken the spiritual land in each of our lives. We too, need to remain on the offense! Practice with our swords and become skillful with God’s Word.