Death is in the hands of the evil one. He’s the “duke of death.” He’s the “Phantom of Fatality.” He’s the “king of corruption.” He’s the “prince of putrescence (the putrid!).” He’s the “knight of the night.” He’s the “minister of misery.” He’s the “monster of mayhem.” He’s the last and greatest enemy of all mankind. As we approach Easter Sunday, we need to begin to think about the fact that Jesus Christ has completed defeated the “duke of death.” Through our faith in Christ, we are protected from his arrows, his spears, and even the more modern weapons of warfare he might wield against us.

The Bible is full of images that depict God’s protective nature of His people. The one that is truly moving is the one of a mother bird for her chicks. It’s beautifully versed for us in Psalm 91, verse 4. It says “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.” Now, birds have numerous natural predators that constantly threaten their lives. There are not only the canines of the ground along with the feline family; there are other feathered carnivores that always threaten their lives as well. But momma bird won’t let it happen. She covers her chicks with her wings and hides them and will give her life when necessary to protect her chicks.

Psalm 91 says “surely God will snatch us away from the snare of the fowler.” You see God will make sure we’re not caught in the traps and nets set by Satan to destroy us. The person under God’s care will never become a meal for the evil one. He will never be trapped or caged. The Psalm goes on to say the God will deliver him from “perilous pestilence.” That’s to say from death dealing diseases. On the surface the Psalm might seem to say that God will deliver us from human adversity. But in light of verses 5 and 6, it’s clear that there is something much more sinister in mind. It’s actually the dark knight, and his death dealing dirge that God promises to protect us from. It is death itself. Those verses say, “Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day. Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday.” God has promised to protect us and deliver us.

“Let me live forever in your sanctuary, safe beneath the shelter of your wings!” psalm 61:4