Chapters 2-6 of Zechariah are visions that the prophet saw. They were visions that were intended to give Zerubbabel and the people assurance of God’s presence and support in their work. They were illustrations meant to foster trust in God. In one vision Zechariah saw a big lamp stand. Adjacent to it were two olive trees connected to the lamp stand by channels or pipes through which flowed golden oil. In the Old Testament the lamp stand represented the glory of the Lord, the brilliance of His presence. The key to this vision, however, is the two olive trees, for they represent two people “anointed” by God to accomplish His purposes. These two men were Zerubbabel and Joshua.

In the New Testament economy each and every believer is “anointed by the Holy Spirit” and set apart for special service for the Lord. I think we all have roles as prophets, priests and kings in this dispensation. We’re all recipients of God’s Spirit for the purposes for which he created us. All the primary offices of Scripture involve anointing: Prophet, Priest & King. As Prophets we are to speak the Word of the Lord, and the Spirit gives us words of comfort, exhortation, and counsel for others. As Priests, the Lord wants to anoint us so that our worship doesn’t become stale, habitual, or formal. As Kings, It takes fresh anointing from the Spirit for the authority of His life to happen through us so we can move in confidence in ruling and managing our homes, business, and relationships. The Lord also wants to anoint us with the oil of rejoicing when we have been overcome by the spirit of mourning.

This is a word of encouragement to Joshua & Zerubbabel, but it is also a word of assurance to the church of all ages. We have great challenges and inadequate resources, and very often we feel daunted by the task of serving Christ. But it isn’t by our might or our power—it’s by His Spirit. What we really need is a fresh dose of His anointing.

“This is what the LORD says to Zerubbabel: It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies.” Zech 4:6