Chapter 17 of Proverbs really nails it when it says in verse 6, “Grand children are the crown of old men.” I’ve been blessed with three grandsons and just love them to death. I’m always talking about them and bragging about them, for better or for worse. Did you know that my 8 year old grandson got all A’s except for one B on his most recent report card? Well, he did! The King James Version says it well, “Children’s children are the crown of old men…”

But the verse goes on to say, “…And the glory of children is their father.” This is probably one of the most awesome responsibilities that God could ever give to a human being – that of being a father. You might remember Bob Carlisle’s ballad “Butterfly Kisses.” A father sings about his love for his daughter as she grows up and becomes a woman. He has to give her away at her wedding and he struggles with the pain. It speaks of butterfly kisses as the tender love between a father and his daughter. Carlisle said that when the song was first released he got a lot of mail
from young girls who tried to get him to marry their moms. He said, “That used to be a real chuckle because it’s so cute, but then I realized they don’t want a romance for mom; they want the father who is in that song. That just kills me.”

U.S. News and World Report said, “More than virtually any other factor, a biological father’s presence in the family will determine a child’s success and happiness.” The National Conference on Fatherhood declared, “Committed fatherhood would do more to restore a normal childhood to every child, and dramatically reduce our nation’s most costly social problems, than all of the pending legislation in America combined.”

“…The glory of children is their father.” Proverbs 17:6