Psalm 75 contains one verse that’s been a blessing to thousands before us. It should encourage us also. It’s written by the Psalmist who knows trouble, suffering, pain and hardship. He knows what it’s like when the roof caves in on his life. There are all different kinds of earthquakes in life. But God says to the Psalmist, and to all of us, “When the earth totters, and all its inhabitants, it is I who keep steady its pillars.”

What about you? Is your life teetering on the brink of collapse? Have you faced a devastating tragedy in your life? Has your life taken an unexpected turn? Is there any hope for your future? Does life seem too hard to bear when bad things happen to good people? when evil triumphs over good? when Satan seems to have the upper hand? when all hell breaks loose? when death still stings and the grave seems to have the victory? What problems are you facing that seem greater than you can bear? What situation in your life seems impossible? What kind of an earthquake is shaking your life?

Amy Carmichael, the great missionary to India wrote, “When we are facing the impossible, we can count upon the God of the impossible.” When the roof of your life seems to be caving in, never forget that it is God who “keeps steady the pillars.”

“The humble will see their God at work and be glad. Let all who seek God’s help be encouraged. For the Lord hears the cries of the needy; he does not despise his imprisoned people.” (Psalm 69:32-33)