Psalm 30:5 says, “For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.”

Commentators see the context of this Psalm of David referring to the plagues that befell the nation after David’s arrogant numbering of the people. Sickness came, but with confession and repentance came forgiveness, restoration, and healing. Like David, we all find ourselves with consequences for actions or words we wish we could take back. The Scriptures are clear on the reality of “sowing and reaping.” Yet, God’s anger with our sin and arrogance, is much like a loving parents displeasure with his child. He might chide, discipline, or even spank the child, yet this does not diminish the love for that child. Discipline is brief, but God’s love is for a lifetime.

Our hurts, and sorrows, whether we bring them on ourselves by bad choices or hubris of spirit or not, are destined to pass. In our personal walk with the God who loves us, we can be sure that forgivenesss is ours as much as it was David’s. We can be sure that the sorrows and sufferings of life will come to pass. In the night hours, things look bad. Everything looks worse at night. But, wait on the Lord. The morning is at hand. Fanny Crosby wrote many hymns, among them are these words:

O child of God, wait patiently when dark thy path may be,
And let thy faith lean trusting on Him Who cares for thee;
And though the clouds hang drearily upon the brow of night,
Yet in morning, joy will come, and fill thy soul with light.

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. (Psalm 27:14)