We lived at 3608 Charles St when I was born but all myearliest memories are from 2531 Himebaugh Ave, Omaha. I don’t have any memories of life on Charles street because we moved into the himebaugh house when I was one year old. But that house on Charles is still there. I went to see it a couple of years ago and took a picture with me in the front yard. I have some very old pictures of me with Rita and Mom and Dad at this house. They are all black and white and I’m just an infant in all of them, but some of them are really cute.

Rita was born on October 29, 1945. In January 1945,Dad was transferred from Puerto Rico to a unit that was being prepared to land on the mainland of Japan. He had about three or four weeks leave and of course came home to his wife and during that leave she conceived Rita. Dad got on a troop transport ship that waited in the pacific ocean for orders, when they decided to drop the bomb in August 1945. That’s another story, but for now I just wanted to introduce you to my sister Rita Kathryn Larsen. She was 15 months older than me, but grew up much faster.

There wasn’t a lot of memorable time before Dave was born about 4 years later. I don’t have a lot of memories of life before him. I do not remember anything from Charles of course. How could I? I don’t remember anything about our move to Himebaugh, but there has been a story that has been told over and over so often that sometimes I think I can remember it. Mom and Dad used to tell everyone that the first thing I did at 1year old, the first time I was in the house on Himebaugh was to pee in the corner. Isn’t that cute? Parents always love those kinds of memories and kids hate them. I’m sure my kids feel much the same way.

I don’t have a lot of memories from my first four years of life, but I’m convinced I have some. I remember getting up in the summer and getting cinnemon toast and sitting with mylegs in the window well on the side of the house on Himebaugh feeling the sun on my legs. I was wearing shorts. I remember playing in the living room with Rita on rainy days before Dave was born.  I think I remember when Dave was born and Mom telling me and Rita that she was goign to the hospital to get us a baby brother. I remember playing in what we called the “blue room.” Before Dad finished the upstairs we all slept in this one room. Dave was with us then. I remember, or I think I remember, our move to California in 1951. Dad thought he’d get rich in California with Duro Stone, but it didn’t work out for him there. He hated the unions and other things. We only lasted there for about 9 months.  I think I remember the drive there. Otto built this rack for the truck so we could move everything in it. He drove the truck and the family came in the car. It was interesting that Otto came with us. I don’t know where he lived. I don’t remember him living in our house with us in California, but I have a lot of pictures with him there with us. We bought a house on “Montclair” Street (I think) in Long Beach, California.  It had a small yard and a one car garage. That must have been something Dad hated. We had three garages in Omaha. We had one summer and one Christmas there and then we came back to Omaha.  There are movie clips of the three of us, Dave, Rita and Me, playing in the front and back yards of the House in California in 1951. Rita learned how to jump rope there and could do it frontward and back ward. She does it in the movie. I started Kindergarten in California. I think they had a younger age to start than Omaha did, so I went to Kindergarten at age 4 in September 1951. The only thing I remember about that is after Mom taught me how to walk to school a couple of days, I tried it by myself. I got there OK, but I got lost on my way home and I ended up going pee by someone’s bushes and then I just couldn’t figure out which way to go so I hung around a stop sign and just swung around and around in a circle. That’s where they found me. I remember crying because I was so glad they saved me!

Dad had rented out the house and signed a year lease, so we had to get an apartment on 16th STreet for three months before we could get back into our house on Himebaugh. There is a clip in my home movies post with the three of us playing in both the front and the back yard of our apartment on 16th street in the summer of 1952, before we got back into our home on Himebaugh. It was just south of the Ames viaduct on 16th. It could have been about 6 or 8 blocks. I’m assuming it was around Sprague, Spaulding, but I don’t know for sure. It seems that everyone was really glad to get back to Omaha though and we were especially glad to get back into our himebaugh house late summer of 1952.