Yes, I do mean years, plural! I went to Kindergarten twice! Once in California and once in Omaha, at Miller Park Elementary School. I wrote about the only memories I had at my first kindergarten year in the earlier post. But we were all really glad to get back to Omaha after our move to California and then even happier to get back into our own house on Himebaugh. I loved that old house. I love that house today. I’d always thought I’d buy it if it ever went up for sale, but the neighborhood isn’t what it was in the 1950’s. I don’t know what I’d do with it.  Anyway, moving onward, I went to Kindergarten again at Miller Park Elementary School on about 28th and Hartman, Ellison, somewhere just south of Himebaugh. I got to walk to school with Butch so we didn’t get lost. I seem to remember meeting him as he walked down the block from 25th & Himebaugh to our house and then us walking down Himebaugh to 27th, Past Mrs Ewing’s green apple tree which over the years I terrorized more than once. We would get to school and then walk home together also. You might be able to find me in the kindergarten picture fron 1953. I’m in the front row second from the left end. Butch, is sitting at the left end on the front row next to me. If you click on the picture you’ll see the full size and notice that I’ve got this really strange grimmace on my face. I don’t remember this so I can’t explain it. But my Mom hated it and she’d remind me of it often.

From the earliest days on Himebaugh I remember the Larrews. Larry & Kate Larrew became friends of Mom and Dad. I think Mom met Kate in a bowling league or something. I’ve got a small audio track of Mom talking about her friends on Himebaugh and the Larrews are discussed. They had two kids; Butch, David, was my age. We went to kindergarten together. Even though he stayed at Miller Park and I went to Blessed Sacrament we stayed friends most of our childhood days. He had a little sister, Suzie. In many of the home movies, birthdayparties and playtime in our yard, butch and suzie, or one of them, are there with us. It wasn’t unusual for us to have four kids around our table on Himebaugh. The fourth one was usually Butch. I remember my mother complaining, “why don’t you go play at Butch’s house! Why are you always here?” Well, whenever we were at Butches, Kate and/or Larry were always interfering somehow in our play time. I’m not sure why but it seemed it was easier to play at our house. Besides we had a very large yard. They had a smaller one. We did play in their back yard sometimes, however, but not very often. He did have an empty field behind his house and it usually was overrun with weeds so we didn’t get to play in too much. Sometimes we’d get up scrub baseball games there, but they usually took place at Miller Park School or Miller Park itself which was only a couple blocks away.

There were other friends on Himebaugh also. Mom became good friends with the Chadwells and Rita played with the two Chadwell girls a lot. They all seemed to get dolls for Christmas and they would come down to our house on Christmas day and dad would take pictures of them together with their dolls. According to Mom dad never did make good freinds with any of the neighbors. He had only George Medlock and Nick Hoskevic as his friends and he knew them all his life. He didn’t have much room for more friends according toMom. But he always had good relationships with Mom’s Brothers, or at least, it always looked like they had good relationships.