While reflecting on the distribution of the land to the various tribes, I was struck with the reality that God had given them the land. Joshua had led them to victory over the land, but it was their responsibility to occupy or possess the land that God gave them.

It would consist of an ongoing struggle. The two heroes of Israel, Joshua and Caleb were victorious in many ways and the reason they were victorious was because of a simple, single minded devotion to God and God’s plan for their lives. In other words, they had possessed their lands primarily because they were possessed completely by God.

I believe there is a symbolic land for every Christian to possess. But that land, God’s perfect plan and will for our lives, will never be realized until we surrender possession of ourselves to God. Boice says it so well. “Although there is land for every Christian to possess, each must be possessed by Christ before he or she can possess it, for it is by his strength and not by our own that we can do anything. The kingdoms of this world are our inheritance, for they are Christ’s, and Christ is ours. But we are Christ’s inheritance—he spoke of us to the Father as “those whom you gave me”—and we must be fully possessed by him if we are to enter into all that Christ has for us.”

Lord, here I am. Take me!