Chapter 12 of Leviticus establishes the principles regarding Israel’s maternity leave for women. It exempts them from the daily life obligations regarding the temple and the sacrifices for as long as 66 days. Some have suggested that this is a curse on the women, but I’d argue it’s a blessing. The pains and the processes associated with childbirth are part of the curse of Genesis 3. It won’t be easy! It will be called hard “labor.” When it’s done, the woman deserves a rest from the normal responsibilities of life as she adjusts her life to the new responsibilities of a child.

Since the pains and processes of childbirth are closely associated with the curse of Genesis 3 the woman is not allowed in God’s presence. But when the pain and physical maladies stop God receives the women with open arms. You see, it’s not the woman, who is unacceptable to God; it’s the pains and process brought on by the curse that is unacceptable to God.

This is God’s way of telling us that when we enter His presence in heaven, the pains and processes (men & women alike) connected with the curses of Genesis 3, will be reversed. There will be no more “hard labor” for the man in the field or the woman in her maternity bed. No more tears, no more sorrows!  It will indeed be heaven!