Pharaoh had hardened his heart so much to the word of the Lord that God returned the favor. In chapter 10, verse 1, we read God’s intended purpose of hardening Pharaoh’ heart. He did so to teach his people a lesson. He wanted Israel and us to see that when people harden themselves to His word long enough nothing can penetrate it.

It’s not that Pharaoh didn’t feel the pain of the consequences of rejection of God’s will. He felt it and was sorry that he felt it. He even said that he was at fault, that he had sinned, and asked Moses to relieve him of his punishment. But his heart remained unyeilding to the truth of God’s Word.

Robert Morgan wrote, “Some have tears enough for their outward losses, but none for their inward lusts; they can mourn for the evil that sin brings, but not for the sin which brings the evil. Pharaoh more lamented the hard strokes which were upon him, than the hard heart that was within him.”

What do we learn? Let your sin break your heart, before God’s rod breaks your back!