While Judah was negotiating sex with a cult prostitute in Canaan, the story shifts back to Joseph in Egypt. There we see Judah’s little brother resisting the sexual advances of his bosses’ wife.

Judah’s sexual partner presents evidence of gult with Judah’s staff and ring. Joseph’s accuser presents evidence of his guilt with Joseph’s garment. This is the 2nd time in Joseph’s life that the person he’s responsible to, first his father then Potiphar,  is deceived about him by one of his garments.

Tamar uses her evidence to convict Judah of the truth of his own guilt in her conception. Potiphar’s wife uses her evidence to deceive Potiphar concerning Joseph’s guilt.

Judah appeared innocent until proven guilty. Joseph was innocent while appearing guilty. Sometimes we care more about appearing innocent than we do about actually being innocent.  Yet, while man looks at outward appearances, God always looks at the heart. In Joseph’s apparent guilt the story includes three statements that say “and God was with Joseph.” In Judah’s story the mention of God is totally absent.

I’ts more important to God for us to “be” innocent than it is to “appear” innocent.