If Canaan is the illustrative case of sexual perversion, Babel (Babylon) is the Illustrative case for the pride of man in which he attempts to take God’s place. “Let us make a name for ourselves and build our own tower to heaven.” (Genesis 11:4)

Nebuchadnezzar, centuries later, looked at the same territory and said, “Look at what I have built.” (Dan 4:30). Then Centuries later Herod, Acts 12, accepted man’s praise as being a god and not a man.

This passage is about what God thinks about our “little Babylonian heart.” We are all tempted to exalt ourselves to the very throne of our lives and displace God.

First, notice that the Lord pays attention to us. Vs 5 says, “The Lord came down to see” what man had done. It wasn’t necessary for God to come down, but it struck me as funny that these men who were intending to build a tower to heaven didn’t make anything more noticable than a toothpick. God had to “come down” to see it. (I think there’s humor in God’s word)

Second, God assesses the situation. The one language enabled corporate potential but they used it to unite against Him.

Third, in verses 6 through 8, God’s hammer of judgment drops. Their means of corporate identity, the one pure language, is destroyed and ever since man has been unable to globally unite on anything! And the tower came tumbling down! You might say, “Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. And all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put humpty together again.”

I believe that God sending His Holy Spirit in Acts accompanied by the speaking of tongues is God’s way of entering mans “babylonian heart” and uniting us all to our corporate potential of worship rather than rebellion.

Let’s all praise His Holy Name!