Chapter six introduces to what is probably the most debated passage in the Bible. Who are these “sons of God” who had sex and children with the “daughters of man?” Let me begin by saying, “I don’t know.” But I have an opinion (as usual). I believe they are fallen angels. Peter and Jesus’ brother Jude both refer to them during the time of Noah as angels who left their own domains. There are other good reasons to think so. But since angels are spirit beings they cannot procreate. Thus I see them as Kent Hughes does, “fallen angels commandeering the souls of men (demon-possession, in modern parlance), and these demonized men marrying the daughters of other men.”

In this chapter we see two things that serve as preludes to God’s judgment on the earth. The first is sexual perversions as mentioned. The second is violence. It began back with Lamech who is the first bigamist and ended up killing a young boy. Sex and violence! Lamech even bragged about it. As a result chapter 6, verse 5, tells us that “God’s heart was filled with pain.”

I remember when Mike Tyson bragged about an upcoming fight. He said he would kill his opponent and that he would do anything because he was a convicted rapist! (Sex and violence). By the way, this is the guy who bit off Holyfields ear.

Sex (not biblical sex) and violence are indeed glorified in our society. Both of them fill God’s heart with pain.