These are the years I spent in Greenville, South Carolina. I spent my last years as a TAR (Training & Administration of Reserves) here. I arrived in Greenville in August 1969 in my Green Corvette.  This is a picture of me with it in the parking lot behind the Reserve Training Center in Greenville. I moved everything I had in it. I remember the drive down being really quiet and uneventful. I pulled over at a rest stop and slept on top of a picnic table during the middle of the afternoon on my way there. I was pretty tired. I never would spend a penny for a motel in those days. It was always straight through to my destination.

I spent the first four months, August, September, October and November pretty lonely in South Carolina. I didn’t know anyone and although I made some friends, I never seemed to fit in well. It was in November 1969, that I decided to take a trip to California. It was there that I reconnected with Kathy Jo Shively, and we eloped from Southern California to South Carolina, 3000 miles away. Check out my Marriage link for all those sordid details. But since this entry is primarily my “Navy” experience, I’ll stay focused on that.

After marriage, I got serious about life and my career and began to shine. I got almost all 4.0 evaluations from that time on and even started taking College Courses at Furman University. I did very well. I began to study for my advancement exams and I was selected for 1st Class Personnelman in 1971. I did pretty much the same thing I did in Omaha but my responsibilities became greater and I took over some leadership duties as well.  Since I was doing well in my Navy career I applied for the ADCOP program, which would provide for full time attendance at College to earn an Associate Degree in a field related to my career Navy field. I applied twice. The first time I was an alternate and then was selected for it the second time.  Chuck 3rd was born in Greenville, South Carolina also as you’ll see in great detail in my Marriage & Family page. But he added to my seriousness towards my career and life in general.

Zumwalt became the CNO, (Chief of Navy Operations) and an extremely liberal time began for the Navy in general. Uniform changes took place. I am wearing one of his changes in this picture in working blues. They became pretty standard for my last year at Greenville.  I was discharged for the first time. I have four (or five?) honorable discharges from the U. S. Navy. My first came when I accepted the ADCOP program (Associate Degree Completion Program) because I had to reenlist in the Regular Navy. That meant, I’d end up back at sea for sure after college. But that didn’t detract me. I signed the agreement and reenlisted for six years in the regular navy knowing, haze grey and underway would follow my college graduation.