If you looked at my High School page you will be astounded at what God did in my life. I’m convinced that He has a great sense of humor. To take someone like me, a complete “ignoramous” in the eyes of most, and give me a passion to learn is simply a miracle. Here’s what God did for me.

I started taking college courses while stationed in Greenville, SC. I attended Furman university and was surprised to learn that I could do well if I applied myself. I earned 12 Semester hours of credit over the course of a couple semesters and then applied for the Navy’s Associate Degree Completion Program and was eventually accepted.  As a Station Keeper at Greenville’s Navy & Marine Corp Reserve Training Center, I earned some pretty good performance evaluations that helped along the way along with a great recommendation from the Commanding Officer helped with my selection into that program. I attended DelMar College full time long enough to earn an Associate Degree.

I worked hard all the way through the time at Del Mar College and set as my goal to keep a 4.0 average. I refused to settle for anything less than an “A.” I even got my A’s in Algebra and Physics which I thought I’d never be able to manage. Just before graduating I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society and was real proud of that. Del Mar College hosted the Gamma Sigma chapter. My brother Dave is a member of the Metro Community College chapter as is my wife, Kathy. I finished well and graduated from DelMar with the highest honors, Summa Cum Laud! I’m still proud of that.

I took a couple courses at Wayne State University in Detroit, but really couldn’t get into it. I finished them and then quit. It wasn’t until 1980 that I started taking courses again, and this time it was at William Tyndale College. In two years, part time, I was able to complete enough undergraduate credit to qualify for acceptance at Dallas Theological Seminary. I actually completed all the work for the Bachelor’s degree in 1982, but it wasn’t awarded until 1987 because I wasn’t aware of how the Graduate work could qualify for undergraduate credit as well. But, regardless, I was able to get a Bachelor of Theology (ThB) degree from William Tyndale and because of my grade point average, I graduated Summa Cum Laud from there also. If you look closely, you’ll notice that my ThB degree is officially dated May 8, 1987. Then look at the Master’s Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and it is dated May 4, 1987. How can they give me a master’s without a bachelor’s. Well it took some conniving and discussion with the Dallas Seminary Registrar, but they eventually approved letter me graduate with a Master’s Degree rather than a Certificate. I was glad not to have to come back down for another ceremony a year later because of 4 days!

I took on a lot of responsibilities at Dallas Seminary my first couple of years. At the faculty and staff reception for the new students, I was asked to share my testimony and along with four other incoming students. I sat on the platform next to Bill Sueme, the chaplain, John Walvoord the president and was as nervous as ever. Many of the big names in Evangelical Theology were on faculty at that time, and I was more nervous than you can imagine. But, the Lord, got me through it and I shared my story. The next week, at our first class assembly, Jim Johnson (I think) nominated me for class president and I was elected. I learned a lot during in that role. Being able to communicate publicly is not all there is to leadership. I learned some hard lessons but was re-elected for the second year. It took too much time and energy and I wasn’t doing a very good job. I had started to get involved in my church and I had two sons that we had decided to home school at that time, so I didn’t run for reelection the 3rd year. Something had to go, and I chose that! I focused more energy on my time with the boys and some preaching responsibilities I enjoyed at our church and still managed to graduate from Dallas Seminary with a Master’s of Theology with honors.

I didn’t take courses again until the late 1990’s and I started Doctoral work at Denver Seminary, but really couldn’t find the motivation or drive to get it done.  I ran into John Reed, my Senior Preaching professor, from Dallas and he had taken of the Doctor of Ministry Department. He talked about a new approach to the Doctoral studies program and convinced me to get back involved. I did that in 2005 and finally completed the Doctor of Ministry program in 2008. I actually was supposed to graduate in December of 2008, but I couldn’t walk until May of 2009. Kathy and I and Chuck3 went to the graduation and I was hooded at that time. It was a nice way to finish my education.

Well in 2013, I decided i wanted to fill out my education. I had a Bachelor of Theology Degree, a Master of Theology Degree and although I’d received the Doctor of Ministry Degree in 2008, i really always wanted a Doctor of Theology Degree. So I found a less reputable Seminary that 18-thdoffered them on line for what looked like minimal work because it was classified as a “2nd Doctorate.” Newburgh Theological Seminary from Newburgh Indiana awarded me the Doctor of Theology Degree after doing about a year worth of on line course work followed by another dissertation. Now I have them all: ThB, ThM, and ThD. Aren’t I smart?